Invite to co-operate announcement

Sunday - 27/06/2010 21:52
VINADES.,JSC was founded in order to professionalize NukeViet opensource development and release. We also using NukeViet in our bussiness projects to make it continue developing. Include Advertisment, provide hosting services for NukeViet CMS development.
Invite to co-operate announcement

Head office: Room 1706 – CT2 Nang Huong building, 583 Nguyen Trai street, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Mobile: (+84) 24 8587 2007
Fax: (+84) 24 3550 0914
Website: -



Dear valued customers and partners,

VINADES.,JSC was founded in order to professionalize NukeViet opensource development and release. We also using NukeViet in our bussiness projects to make it continue developing.

NukeViet is a Content Management System (CMS). 1st general purpose CMS developed by Vietnamese community. It have so many pros. Ex: Biggest community in VietNam, pure Vietnamese, easy to use, easy to develop...

NukeViet 3 is lastest version of NukeViet and it still developing but almost complete with many advantage features.

With respects to invite hosting - domain providers, and all company that pay attension to NukeViet in bussiness co-operate.

Co-operate types:

1. Website advertisement, banners exchange, links:
a. Description:
Website advertising & communication channels.
On each release version of NukeViet.
b. Benefits:
Broadcast to all end users on both side.
Reduce advertisement cost.
c. Warranties:
Place advertisement banner of partners on both side.
Open sub-forum at NukeViet.VN to support end users who using hosting services providing by partners.

2. Provide host packet for NukeViet development testing purpose:

a. Description:
Sign the contract and agreements.
Partners provide all types of hosting packet for VINADES.,JSC. Each type at least 1 re-sale packet.
VINADES.,JSC provide an certificate verify host providing by partner compartable with NukeViet.
b. Benefits:
Expand market.
Reduce cost, improve bussiness value.
c. Warranties:
Partner provide free hosting packet for VINADES.,JSC to test NukeViet compatibility.
VINADES.JSC annoucement tested result to community.

3. Support end users:
a. Description:
Co-operate to solve problem of end user.
Partners send end user requires about NukeViet CMS to VINADES.,JSC. VINADES also send user requires about hosting services to partners.
b. Benefits:
Reduce cost, human resources to support end users.
Support end user more effective.
c. Warranties:
Solve end user requires as soon as possible.

4. Other types:
Besides, as a publisher of NukeViet CMS, we also place advertisements on software user interface, sample articles in each release version. With thousands of downloaded hits each release version, we believe that it is the most effective advertisement type to webmasters.
If partners have any ideas about new co-operate types. You are welcome and feel free to send specifics to us. Our slogan is "Co-operate for development".

We look forward to co-operating with you.





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